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Established in 2003, EMERS Culture and Arts Foundation has been dedicating itself in promoting architectural aesthetics, aesthetic education, cultural and arts, and social welfare.
Through the practice of cultural exhibitions and performances, the unit spares no effort in showing its care for the development between our society and arts-based on the integration of aesthetics and attitude to life, building up living spaces of sustainable happiness.

來源:L’Oreal Paris

Profile of the Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Elaine Tsai was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Emers Culture and Arts Foundation in 2007.
Ms. Tsai has studied at Columbia University with (M.A in Social-Organizational). After graduation, Ms. Tsai worked as a news anchor at DaAi Headlines and Era News, she was also editor-in-chief for Palace Museum.
Holding the belief “take from society, give back to society”, Ms. Tsai is dedicated to helping people in need. Over the years, she has led the Group to participate in various charitable activities including fundraising events such as donating books activities for schools in the remote area’s students.
Charitable Activities
2007 International Ballet Star Gala
2008 101 Gifts For Him& Her- 101
2008 Emers Culture and Arts Foundation Society Books Donation
2008 ELLE 17th Year- Louis Vuitton Charity Bag Design
2009 L’OREAL 100 Year Charity event


【愛是唯一】慈善活動開跑 各界名人共襄盛舉