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When you think of Chucuchu

Mania  Sexy  Unique  Attention  Presence

“Chucuchu” is the sound of a train in Spanish,

which conveys an image of reaching a destination without any obstacles. 

Simple, repetitive sounding brand name easily etches on in consumers’ minds

Ribbon adds a softer touch and feminizes the strong skull logo appealing to women and to the masses. Colorful fabric and slim fit accentuates femininity while supporting performance needed for a golf wear.



Established in 2017, we are a golf apparel brand

that aims to meet sophisticated needs from golfers

through our stylish design and impeccable fit.

Brand Positioning

Currently the golf apparel market is divided by athletic

(emphasizing on performance) and high-fashion segment. 

Chucuchu concept satisfies both segments and provides

an alternative to high-priced brands.