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“A diversified global supplier of raw material that link 26+ countries, 1000+ clients, 100+ workforce together under 1 single platform”


Our 20+years experience allowed us to understand laws and regulations of each countries. We provide fast and reliable deliveries.


We spend time understanding our client’s situation and we find solutions to work around obstacles to meet our clients requirements

Fast and Agile

Our experience allows us to work seamlessly in many part of the globe. We understand that timing is key and that’s why we value it so highly in our culture.

Who we are

URMS is a leading global supply chain platform with more than 20 years of expertise in managing the diverse portfolio of commodities in the raw material industry.

Under the leadership and management of the Formosa Group’s spirit in Taiwan we provide a complete solution on the supply of a full range of products with integrated pre and post sales services 24 hour a day, 7 days a week all around the year.

URMS is dedicated in providing our customer/partner with a high value personalized service with thorough understanding of every client’s requirement in details. Our business success is driven by our committed strategy of innovation and continuous operation improvements in SOURCING, MARKETING, SHIPPING & FINANCIAL solutions in conducting cross border raw material business in every corner of the globe.

URMS most prized assets are its network of people in the Industrial raw material chain of partners, suppliers, buyers and professional staff who embrace and uphold core business values & culture in the respective local community that we operate in. With a global presence felt in 26+ countries, 500+ buyers, 100+ staff and speed of information technology we bring together experts of the International raw material Industry under one single roof. This competitiveness with a cutting edge efficiency is the core quality that is offered to each of our partners in our daily operations.

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URMS operations extends to our professional service in specialized projects in the ENERGY sector where our expertise enables us to bring together various raw material Industry under one platform where growth and innovation are generated to the maximum.

In the Copper business we are partners with Aurubis for a full range of their products in the Taiwan market and now extending to other parts of Asia. We facilitate the business of Copper in the Electrical and Insulation Industry and our service is legendary in terms of delivery and after service.

In the Coal business we have contracts with Indonesian miners to supply coking steam coal to the Formosa Group. In this aspect the value chain is further distinguished by our ability to re-source energy back for the Group company in the long term.

In today’s ever changing and challenging economic environment we excel in our daily operations as your partner of choice with a strong network of Industry professionals who puts your need in mind ONE STEP AHEAD.

“ Everytime we do a project, we re-invent ways of doing things and learn something new about ourselves. Our project management is essentially managing people “


URMS has partnership investments in manufacturing facilities across Asia for specific product and industry. The streamline of upstream raw material to end consumer products is centered on adding significant value to complement our range of own brand products thus creating new cross selling opportunity. Our high quality standards and understanding of raw material & pricing along the value supply chain enables us to deliver the best product in every project that we carry out.

For example, in the Textile Industry our knowledge and skill in global supply chain links the upstream raw material to midstream production and the retail distribution process which makes us uniquely positioned from start to finish within the Group. 

URMS is diversified within the Textile Industry with its own downstream BEDDING products like PILLOWS, MATTRESS, COMFORTERS to the Garment Industry of OEM functional T-shirts.

Carbon fiber reinforcement in constructions, bridges, high-pressure vessels and wind turbine blades.  Composites sporting manufacturing badminton, tennis, squash, shin guards and hockey.