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About us

Lambda Golf’s 50 year old craftsmanship heritage and passion for Golf resulted in a whole new European classic golf footwear concept and design.

Our Golf journey began in 2009

Lambda Golf was established in 2009, in Portugal, Western Europe, with the purpose of creating a global luxury premium quality Golf apparel Brand, comprising innovative breakthrough technologies developed by the technical engineering. These patented golf shoes manufacturing construction technologies enabled Lambda Golf to manufacture a whole new type of classic Golf Shoes.

Technology and Inovation
Lambda’s innovative patented technologies have resulted in a handmade in Portugal Classic Golf Shoes with a design and construction that provides golfers with a solid stand, allowing the foot to breath while remaining flexible, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Our patented hand-made soles and heel construction used in Lambda golf shoes have a double-layer inlay that ingeniously absorbs heel and sole force reducing impact on knees, hips and back

K E E P   I T   C L A S S I C

Premium Golf Shoes
Handmade in Europe Golf Waterproof Footwear.