In the summer of 1999, Emers Group entered the biggest battlefield of the 21st century “THE INTERNET”. With novel ideas coupled with creativity and a strong financial support, Emers Digital Services (EDS) was thus established.

Initially, we focused on the operation of our own B2B websites, URMS.COM.  The primary business of setting up the website platform, as well as the operation of its content with added peripheral products was our main aim at that stage.

In 2001, we further expanded Its information technology department, and at the end of the same year, we made great strive and progress in system services, project licensing and corporate identity design. The overall design and planning for our Yoshow.com published books took a concrete direction forward and left an indelible imprint for future expansion.

In 2003, in the face of the frantic global e-business trend, EDS leveraged its professional programming capabilities and practical experience to promote the e-business-related systems and technology modules to enterprises and established exemplary application counseling cases in order to implement the overall benefits of e-business, promote the efficiency of e-business circulation, while building a knowledge-based circulation industry environment in strengthening the competitiveness of the e-industry.

EDS in recent years has implemented this model into the NIKE GOLF, Callaway, G FORE PETER MILLAR brand e-commerce sites to strengthen the marketing and successfully combining online and offline business opportunities.

EDS aims to serve as a bridge in the transition of the traditional industry practices to merge into the ever-changing world of the Internet. Based on its unceasing energy and sustained creativity, EDS will continue to expand its target territory in the world with each regional footprint it cements while creating an e-commerce empire that knows no borders or boundary.